Software Power Tools for Cimplicity from Descartes Technologies.
  Descartes Technology offers custom built Cimplicity drivers to interface to any piece of hardware.  
Cimplicity Software Power Tools    
Descartes has developed a number of drivers that will help you get the most out of your Cimplicity installations. Our Cimplicity drivers are native communication protocols. They are available for all Cimplicity versions. We can also adapt them to work with other HMI software or as standalone apps.

Descartes is also able to create very affordable custom Cimplicity drivers to interface to any piece of hardware. Our custom work from the past even includes a vision system! Because our products are true native drivers they are incredibly fast, efficient and support all device point functionality.

Feel free to download these fully function and FREE versions of some of our Cimplicity products on this page. For custom drivers or more information please contact us at, or 1-866-417-3521.

ODBC Driver for Cimplicity

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Make any ODBC connected database a bidirection real time device. This very powerful driver allows you to map Cimplicity points to stored procedures on any database. Cimply write a value to an input point and the query automatically populates your output array points with the SQL data. An incredibly powerful engine allows you to execute hundreds of queries per second without loading your server and without having to wait for point updates. There is no need to do any more VBA coding. Simply create your input and output points, point the stored procedures and you're up and running. HMI applications have incredible new power, they are easier to understand, and faster to develop. Using HMI with live database connections you can create applications hundreds of times faster and more powerful than traditional Web based solutions. Get efficient, get HMI to ODBC direct communications.
Download your free fully functional version here.

Email driver for Cimplicity

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Click for more info An email engine for Cimplicity. The device configuration points to the SMTP server and the point address takes an email address. Any time this string point is written to, the contents of the string get emailed to the addressee. This is a very popular product for use with text messaging devices where alarms and critical production info can be sent to a cell phone for instant notification.
Download your free fully functional version here.

Etherner Driver for Cimplicity (Generic TCP/IP)

Click to see larger screen shot Talk to virtually any TCP/IP device. Using the IP:PORT for the string point address, this native driver supports bi-directional communication to virtually any TCP/IP device. Use it for barcode readers, mag swipe readers, process transmitters, weld controllers, torque controllers, just about anything that uses basic TCP/IP communications. This is an excellent tool for communicating with legacy equipment. With the addition of serial-to-TCP converters you can connect almost anything to your Cimplicity system from anywhere in the plant. Download your free fully functional demo version here.

COM Port Driver for Cimplicity (Generic Serial)

Click to see larger screen shotTalk to any RS-232 or RS-422 device. Similar to the Winsock driver only connect directly to local devices without converting to TCP comms. Excellent for use with sophisticated measurement devices or basic legacy equipment. With serial or parallel port expansion boards you can connect dozens of devices directly to the same PC.
Download your trial version here.

Main Frame Terminal Driver

Click to see larger screen shotThis powerful and unique driver emulates 3270 and VT-50/100/200 series terminals to provide a native Cimplicity interface to any mainframe system. The string points are actually addressed by row and column location of the screen. With the generic app and 'green screen', conversion is as simple as unplugging the 'dumb' terminal and plugging in Cimplicity. The real benefit though comes from making custom screens that use Cimplicity's powerful CimView engine to make more user friendly displays. Connect a barcode reader using the COMPORT driver as well and you have a very powerful combination for replacing mainframe parts verification and sequence checking stations on the plant floor.

Torque Controller Driver

Click to see larger screen shotThis is a device driver designed specifically for use with Atlas Copco and Stanley torque controllers. It provides full interface ability between the controllers and Cimplicity using the controllers' native protocol. It is most commonly used for Cimplicity based automation to send real time rundown and production info to the boxes for error proofing and quality control. It could also be used with applications like iHistorian as part of a full scale data collection system.

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