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  Quite simply, at Descartes, solving manufacturing problems is a passion for us, we live and breathe it, and we thrive on unique and seemingly impossible challenges.  
Our Expertise  
Our strength and success is built on our deep and extensive knowledge of the manufacturing industry. We are intimately connected with the manufacturing environment and the unique challenges it presents, which gives us the ability to create technology solutions where no one else can.

Our expertise crosses a wide range of disciplines, allowing us to solve even the most complex and challenging manufacturing issues. Many of the problems that arise in the production process are unique to the facility, and we are able to draw on a variety of skill sets and expertise honed over many years on the plant floor, including:
Quite simply, at Descartes, solving manufacturing problems is a passion for us, we live and breathe it, and we thrive on unique and seemingly impossible challenges.

Controls & Electrical Engineering

Our people are among the best and brightest when it comes to Controls and Electrical Engineering. With a broad range of experience in several industries, we can apply a wealth of talent and knowledge to help you with applications involving:

PLCs, Robotics, VFDs and all other Drives, PC Based Control, Vision Systems, Weld Controllers, Torque Controllers, Marquee Systems, PID Process Control, Motion Control, HMI, SCADA systems, Switches and Sensors, Ethernet control systems.

Plant Network Engineering

Increasingly, IT companies rely on hype and scare tactics to get your business; everything is extremely complex and mission critical, and only their people are qualified to save your business from the 'what ifs'. However, the reality is that very few of these companies' solutions meet expectations. With Descartes, you can be confident that we deliver, every time.

We know that true virus protection means making sure there are no holes in your security, not updates after the fact. We know that in deploying a complex network solution with 'the ultimate' switches, the design glitches and misconfigurations often create more headaches than the problems they were installed to address. At Descartes, we know that there are perceived solutions and then there are real solutions.

Whether it's designing a new infrastructure, fixing an old one, Descartes is the best in the business. We have experienced, talented engineers that know what it takes to make a network reliable enough to support plant floor controls.

Web, Database & Application Programming

It seems these days everyone offers web based application programming. Unfortunately, this often amounts to little more than someone who does web pages and can hack together something that might meet your needs. But there is a world of difference between highly skilled web application programmers and recent computer science graduates. It's not enough to know what an index or trigger does, you have to be able to use them to their full potential.

Under the hood of any great web application is well developed database. Using either SQL or Oracle, our highly talented database engineers know how to make a database scream. Descartes' web application team develops user friendly, mission critical applications just the way you want them, and our database-based solutions are always capable of supporting the largest of enterprise applications.

Whether it is jsp, asp, .net, Cold Fusion, straight HTML, or any other base code, we develop high performance front ends that perfectly support your business process.

Customized Programming

When your web application or commercial software can't do what is needed, a little hardcore programming can fix that. Descartes software engineers are highly skilled at creating supplementary programs that tie into your existing applications. Using old or new tools, from legacy C to Developer Studio .Net and Java, we can provide functionality you didn't know existed.

Device drivers and communications protocols are easily produced so that your applications process data from any hardware, including PC, Main Frame, Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac.

Our programming expertise includes TCP/IP, UDP, Ethernet IP, COM, COM+, DDE, Active X Asynchronous communications, Synchronous communications, Winsock, DH+, Control Net, Profibus, Modbus, over cable, wireless or fiber. It's all possible with Descartes.

Custom Device Design & Prototyping

Descartes' R&D group has the skills and experience to make your ideas reality, whether it's a device to use in your own facility or a product to take to market. With little more than the root concept, we can work with you to conceive the final design, develop the circuitry, embedded programming, and the enclosure. We can build and supply the first prototype and work with you on revising the design to the finished product. When the product is finished, Descartes can build and supply production quality products at an affordable price. And if your plans are for large scale production, we can provide you with all the files, specs, and film you need to start turn-key production in any size facility.
Vendors and Technology we work with:
Allen Bradley AB PLC, PLC-5, PLC-3, PLC-2, SLC-500
Control Logix
GE Fanuc
Vision Systems
Machine Vision