Descartes Technologies provides manufacturing consulting, control engineering and industrial IT project management.

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Manufacturing Consulting  
When you need additional resources we can provide the right people for dedicated projects, or as supplements to existing resources on large ongoing projects.

Controls Engineering | Industrial IT | Project Management

Our people are the most skilled and capable you'll find anywhere. Typically the best in their field, our engineers are extremely personable and professional, fitting into any office environment comfortably. Our people come to Descartes because they thrive on achieving what others call impossible. In fact, our staff is so good that our clients regularly attempt to recruit them!

Controls Engineering

We can provide your plant with highly skilled controls and systems engineers to handle any situation. Our experience working in industrial manufacturing situations is extensive and allows our people to successfully contribute to any project. We know companies have special obligations, such as utilizing all resident skilled trades before outside contractors. We know that in these situations, the way work is assigned and to which group can greatly impact trades' productivity and a project's success. Similarly, when a project spans the responsibility of several departments, proper consideration and respect must be given to each group's individual goals in order to make the project run smoothly.

Descartes Engineers are professionals on all levels. We'll integrate seamlessly into any organization.

Industrial IT

Our extensive experience in industrial manufacturing has driven home one essential point: manufacturing IT is a completely different animal than office IT. This is perfectly illustrated by the fact that if you walk from the floor of a body shop to your office with a floppy disk in your pocket, there's a high probability that disk will be corrupted when you get to your desk.

At Descartes we are well versed in the unique challenges the industrial environment presents. From the intricacies and implications of prevalent producer-consumer models to knowing what's in the cable tray, we have the experience to solve any problem.

Descartes understands IT in an industrial environment like no other and we can provide plants with secure, stable solutions that won't add IT related downtime to the daily production reports. From a small cell to a plant wide Ethernet controls network, we know how to design solutions that work.

Project Management

There are excellent project managers and then there are excellent project managers for Technical Projects. If your project manager doesn't understand the technology being implemented, can they really make the best decisions? Descartes' project managers are as knowledgeable as our Engineers, and they have the entire Descartes team's knowledge and experience to draw upon. If you want results that exceed expectations, call on us.

Clients regularly request that Descartes' people take on projects even where we don't supply the engineering. This can be because the projects are beyond the experience of their in-house staff, or because they are high risk, mission-critical projects that cannot fail.

Together with the client we will create an execution plan that works for everyone. We then manage the project through completion, ensuring a successful outcome. The majority of projects where Descartes is brought in are completed on time, usually exceeding the customer's requirements and almost always under budget, sometimes by as much as 20%-50%. We think our results speak for themselves, and we stand behind our claim that our people are the best you can get.
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