Descartes Technologies provide custome manufacturing equipment communication solutions.

  Custome built manufacturing equipment communication solutions.  
Equipment Communications Solutions  
A factory can have equipment from dozens or even hundreds of vendors, each with its own proprietary protocols. Getting these machines to communicate is essential to improving your process. At Descartes, we can get anything to talk to anything.

We can:
  • Make upstream equipment relay information to downstream equipment, speeding up the process and improving product quality.
  • Get mainframes and computer systems that manage customer's orders, deliveries, inventories, and so on, to exchange information with the factory floor, keeping manufacturers lean and responsive.
  • Facilitate data collection, forwarding and reporting to keep plant management in tune with the production process in real time, helping them improve product quality while reducing waste and downtime.
Our equipment communications solutions can be stand-alone, dedicated applications, facilitating information exchange between as many devices as required. We can also create device drivers that work with any existing application, even if it wasn't designed to interface to anything else at all! If it is what your business needs, we can make a lump of coal exchange information with a tree stump as clearly as a VP communicates with the president - only much, much faster.
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