Manufacturing - Data Collection and Reporting Solutions

  Descartes Technologies offers data collection and reporting solutions for the manufacturing industry.  
Data Collection and Reporting Solutions  
Many companies are hamstrung because they don't have a clear picture of what is happening on the floor. What little data they get comes from manually compiled, end-of-shift reports, prone to human error and hard to share. All too often critical information arrives long after problems could have been detected and corrected.

But when your machines are talking, extremely valuable process data is generated. Descartes offers solutions that put management's finger on the pulse of a plant's operations.

The Data You Need, When and Where You Need It

Because we have a deep knowledge and experience in manufacturing, we know what the critical data is and how it needs to be presented.

If you want the throughputs for a piece of equipment to display in real time in the corner of a PowerPoint presentation, or directly into your materials order management system, we can make it happen. In many plants our real time monitoring and reporting is fed back to the production operators so that they can tweak the process in real time, optimizing production.

Our production management solutions allow you to manage your plant at maximum profitability.

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