Descartes Technolgies, providing industrial IT solutions for manufacturing business processes.

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Business Process Solutions  
There are dozens of unique business processes that make up the non-manufacturing component of your facility. From managing ISO requirements to ordering spare parts, each indirect activity can affect profitability and productivity.

Descartes' unique understanding of the production environment allows us to provide efficient IT solutions to business process issues that work from a management perspective.

We know that applying solutions to a facility where hundreds or thousands of employees do not have access to a computer is a challenge. We understand that when a welder, a foreman, a clerk, an engineer and a business manager all use the same application, it cannot be designed with a common skill set in mind. Our experience tells us different groups may refer to the same place in the factory by the column location, station name, department number or just the name of a nearby machine, depending on their perspective. We know that different personnel may not have suitable access to the corporate LAN or have no access at all.

At Descartes, our solutions work for all plant users, and will improve the efficiency of indirect activity execution.

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